Room rate and facilities

Currently we work with homestay families in Bai Huong on Cham islands.

All rooms are equipped with mosquito net, fans, westerner toilet facilities and cold water shower.

The homestay families speak very little English but try their best with books, hands and feet to communicate with foreigners.

Most of the food is based on sea food and fresh vegetables. The women are great cooks and the food is very delicious.


The prices:

Accommodation/Room: VND 120’000 per person

Lunch/dinner: VND 70’000 per person per meal (drinks are not included)

Breakfast: VND 30’000
 (with coffee)

The homestays have fixed prices.

Snorkeling/Fishing: 150’000 VND per person

Trekking tour: 100,000 VND per person

The families will be pleased to take you for a trekking tour or snorkeling to Hon Tai

Please note well: The local authority does NOT allow Chinese and Hong Kong passport holder to overnight on the island.

(Notice: There’s no ATM on this island, everything you pay by cash so make sure having enough cash before you come. A lot of our customers  after visiting the island wanted to extend their stay but found out there’s no ATM for them… So if you don’t have a fixed plan to come back, you can bring a little extra money in case you want to stay longer)

Some more information about Bai Huong:

About Bai Huong: It is a small fisher village of about 450 people. Here you can still experience real Vietnam, nobody tries to sell you something but people are friendly because they are happy that you are visiting their village. They don’t speak English, some do a little bit, but they will try to communicate with hand and feet with you.

If you go swimming in the village, the girls should wear shorts and t-shirts as the people are not used to bikinis, it would be uncomfortable for both side.

The homestay families can organize tours to the waterfall, snorkeling tours and fishing tours for you, just ask them.

Best time of year to go to Bai Huong:
The best time is between March and September as the weather is stable and the sea not too rough. During winte/raining season (October to February) it’s difficult and often impossible to go to Cham Island. The sea is too rough and the weather changes very quickly. Watch out, if you go you might be stuck for a few day on the island!!! Please note well, the weather can change very quickly in South East Asia and depending on the weather and sea conditions the boats sometimes can not go to the island. Therefore there is always the chance to get stuck on the island. We are not taking any responsibility in these cases. However the homestay families offer 50% discount on the room night for who is stuck on the island.

If you want to book in advanced send me an e-mail. I would like to remember you, that I’m neither a tour operator nor a tour guide, I have a full time job and help organizing this trip to help my friends in Bai Huong, therefore the e-mails only get checked once or twice a day.

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