About Us

Hello travelers;

My name is Nhi and my husband is Lo. Our family has been living on Cham Island (Bai Huong) for generations and Lo and I have spend all our life here. Like most of the locals we are fisherman. My husband has a nice boat and used to be proud to be the best fisherman of the village.

Our 3 children (one daughter and two sons) are grown up and have their own families now, they moved to the mainland (Hoi An), as soon as they were old enough. But my husband and I want to stay on the island, this is home for us. We go fishing in the winter and in the summer we run our little homestay.

We share our home with travelers and try to make them feel at home by welcoming them as family. We wish to give you a glimpse into the Vietnamese island life.

With the absent of my children, young visitors become our sons and daughters (they always call us Mama and Papa), old people become our friends. We will take you out to explore the islands, go to snorkeling, show you how to cook Vietnamese food and especially teach you how to fish.

I am sure you will have an unique experience and the chance to see into a Vietnamese household and become part of the family. Furthermore your visit will make us less miss our children for a moment and give us some good company.

So, welcome to our home!

Mama Nhi and Papa Lo

P/S my husband and me can only speak very little and basic English. At the age of 60, it’s difficult for us to learn a new language. But we try to communicate by body language, with hands and feet. All our guests so far have really enjoyed their stay and we always got over the language barrier.  J